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The area of property crimes, fraudulent transfer, recovery, restitution, and/or repayment is a technical area of criminal and civil law. My law firm has represented the client who has been accused of (criminally or civilly) taking and/or removing by alleged illegal, fraudulent, or unauthorized means. My law firm has represented clients involved in cases ranging from shoplifting, to embezzlement, to identity theft, to wrongful disposition of money or property. The objective in this area is to professionally represent our clients, emphasizing an early dismissal or disposition of charges which is economically beneficial to the client. This activity must always be tempered by the needs of the client to remain free and unencumbered (probation, parole or restitution).

My law firm has established a successful procedure in dealing with property-type cases (both criminal and civil) that provides a quick, stable, and beneficial resolution to these matters in an economical and professional manner.

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