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The immediate (nuclear) family relationships that exist may have evolved and are reflective of the many and varied dynamic forces that affect society as a whole. Individuals are now marrying later in life, having children to single or married partners, maintaining two or more separate incomes, and living in civil unions that have the full faith, credit, and recognition of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Additionally, the juvenile court system has grown in strength and impact upon the modern family.

My law firm has been successfully involved in numerous support, custody, parental rights termination (voluntary or involuntary), and juvenile (delinquent and dependency) cases. Our goal in each case varies, based upon needs, capabilities, and desires of each client. These areas of the law are constantly changing due to the fluid nature of family relationships in a fast-paced, modern society. It is always our goal to simplify and condense these seemingly complex legal issues into straight-forward solutions and to achieve it in a professional and economic manner.

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