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This area of the law has seen dramatic and revolutionary change. The previously accepted notions of the nature and legal possession, use, and distribution of marijuana has evolved from a dangerous, illegal drug to a medically-beneficial, soon-to-be a socially and legally sold and possessed commodity. This transition (due to various intentionally and unintentionally mistaken governmental regulations and policies) has been a slow and painful process. However, due to societal pressure and the lure of a larger economic tax base, the use, possession, and sale of marijuana to the general public has become a reality.

My law firm has represented and counseled clients in this evolving area of personal, business, and criminal law ranging from the prosecution of individuals, to the assistance and formation of legally permissible business entities operating in the production, sale, and supply of marijuana to the general public. Our goal is the effective, economically-affordable, and professional representation of clients at whatever level of the relationship, be it as an individual or business.

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