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This area of representation has a dynamic national and international dimension. My firm has represented and participated in the structuring of private-governmental contracts through the Federal Transit Authority (FTA) leveraging the Capital Investment Grant Program, supported by the Fixing America's Surface Transportation (FAST) Act. The Federal government has allocated approximately 98 billion dollars to help fix, improve, sustain, and create environmentally-safe, job-promoting projects throughout the United States.

My law firm is positioned to assist, represent, and counsel clients in the application and securing of Federal, State, and local governmental funding assistance.  My firm's support enables our clients to participate and profit from this highly desirable, socially beneficial and profitable legal use, improvement, and creation of projects. These programs create jobs, employ sensible utilization of land and/or mineral rights, and profit in a manner that lowers the proverbial carbon footprint. The goal of my firm is to simplify this complicated process of application and approval in a cost-effective manner.

Another sector that has been made available to our business clients is in the area of new business opportunities for local businesses wishing to conduct, provide, and secure contracts for equipment sales, servicing, or licensing in the Middle East. Through our relationships with international law firms, we have established a marketing and legal presence in the Middle East, including the Gulf Coast Countries (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates), North Africa, and Asia. This association with my law firm and associates has resulted in the expediting and simplifying of business opportunities in these profitable and seemingly complex areas of the world. Our goal is to provide an economically profitable and stable platform for national and international business entities to operate freely and legally.

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