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The area of personal injury has always provided numerous questions surrounding client representation. My law firm is dedicated to the effective professional representation of clients in this area of practice on a contingent fee basis. Our goal is to provide this service and representation in an economically affordable manner that emphasizes open accessibility, transparency and accountability to the client. These cases range from wrongful death and survivor actions, to individual suits for loss of income, marital companionship, use of bodily function, and pain and suffering for all types of injury resulting from intentional, reckless, or negligent action. The basis of the lawsuit can arise from auto accident, person-to-person interactions (fights, slander, libel), or property ownership (slip-and-fall actions or property disputes).

My law firm seeks to create and promote a full, fast, and final recovery for the injured client, family members, and dependents on an affordable basis based on my many years of experience and practice in this area of the law.