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The use of the internet, personal computers, cell phones, and social media has made relationships more personal, intimate, transparent, and potentially devastating in nature and scope. A rumor 15 years ago, whether true or false, might only reach a small number of individuals. Today, that same rumor can quickly travel around the world. The result of the constant exposure of individuals to this barrage of information has had a severe and negative impact upon interpersonal relationships.

I have represented individuals in and out of court who have been exposed to the demoralizing and harmful impact of domestic violence. This violence destroys the fabric of a previously desirable and very attractive domestic relationship, resulting in personal attacks and defenses ranging from actual physical contact to verbal intimidation. The net effect can be imprisonment, loss of economic freedom, access to one's domestic residence, custody of minor children, or forfeiture of property rights - all by order of a court.

I and my team specialize in dealing with these unique issues. We act quickly and transparently in order to preserve and ensure protection, finality, and security to our clients. This orderly and objective approach is personally and economically stabilizing at a time when a deliberate and calm response is most necessary.

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