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Probate Law is a special area of legal practice having a number of required steps that must be met in order to finalize the estate of a recently deceased person. The interaction that my law firm has with a client usually occurs at a very sensitive point in the life of a client, the deceased's heirs, and family members. Our goal is to expedite this process in a manner that not only spares the survivors of undue stress and anxiety, but also preserves the estate assets for the surviving individuals consistent with the desire of the deceased, wherever possible.

The process begins with opening an estate, preparing and filing any required inheritance (state and federal) and income tax returns, assisting in minimizing the tax impact to the estate, and facilitating the maximum distribution of assets to the heirs. This procedure, while seemingly complicated, can be easily, quickly, and seamlessly conducted by my law firm and associates in an economically, affordable and professional manner. The objective of my law firm is to readily liquidate and/or transfer to heirs any final assets owned by the deceased, while working closely and openly with the legal representative of the estate to maximize the amount available for distribution.