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As a sole practitioner, I have represented in excess of 10,000 clients. These individuals have been accused of various violations ranging from homicide, to breach of local ordinances that may potentially and negatively impact their freedom and finances.

The levels of representation have ranged from initial consultation, to arrest, to preliminary arraignment and hearing, to trial. I have successfully defended and represented clients who were charged with crimes ranging from disorderly conduct, drinking, driving or boating under the influence of drugs or alcohol, to theft of all types, and homicide.

My team has made a successful career of establishing reasonable doubt in some of the most seemingly hopeless situations. In many instances, I have represented three generations of the same family. It is this long-term loyalty and trust in my experience, skill, and judgement that has resulted in the ongoing representation of those family members, family friends, and relatives for this prolonged and extensive period.

We establish long-term relationships based upon availability, honesty, trust, and constant accountability to our clients in their most pressing hours of legal need.

Carl Marcus

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