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There are approximately 300 million firearms (instruments capable of discharging a projectile) in the United States of America. Of that number, there are approximately 2-3 million citizens in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania who own firearms. This number does not include firearms that are privately or illegally purchased. It is indicative of today's society that a great number of the transactions affecting firearms are unreported. The actual numbers are probably substantially higher. As a result, the number of government-citizen and citizen-citizen interactions has dramatically, and regrettably in many instances, increased.

My law firm has provided successful and effective professional representation and counseling to clients in various types of situations involving criminal prosecution, purchase, permitting, and restoration of ownership or license-to-carry privileges. My practice has grown and evolved with the constantly changing laws and aspects of gun and weapon use and/or ownership. This includes the use, ownership or possession of firearms and other so-called prohibited offensive weapons. My firm's duty to our clients is to protect the constitutional right to lawfully own, bear, or use weapons, and to prevent the wrongful prosecution of individuals who are charged with or prevented from possessing, owning, or using firearms or weapons.

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