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Many attorneys who practice in this area of the law focus on one aspect of the issues involved in the acquisition, sale, and use of illegal substances or legally acquired substance utilized in an illegal manner. The focus (or the mis-focus) is on the symptoms of arrest, loss of freedom, and financial ruin for the end-user of drugs. This focus, while well-intentioned, may actually have an unintended negative result, especially upon the drug dependent client.

I and my team have viewed and approached the issue of drug use as a symptom of a treatable disease. Our approach is to help and provide legal assistance and counseling to a client whose entire existence has been negatively impacted by the sale, acquisition, and/or use of illegal drugs or legal drugs used illegally. We have established a strong network of professional help ranging from medical, psychiatric, legal, and therapeutic assistance for our clients, who initially seek our legal representation. Our approach, whenever and wherever possible, is to always address the legal issues as one issue affecting the WHOLE PERSON. Our focus and effort is always directed in a manner to restore the many and varied personal relationships that are damaged through the arrest, prosecution, or court disposition stemming from the illegal use or sale of drugs. Our goal is the restoration, repair, and defense of the valued client relationships that have been negatively affected.


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