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The most devastating and far-reaching personal impact on the life and livelihood of a client stems from the direct and indirect result of being convicted for driving (DUI), biking, or boating while under the influence (BUI) of alcohol or drugs. The impact on a client's personal or economic freedom, marital or job status, family support, or driving privileges can have be profoundly devastating. Each conviction for DUI or BUI (even mere possession of illegal substances or under-age drinking) has a pronounced and negative impact on a client's ability to legally operate a vehicle, their insurability, job status, income, and support for dependents. Our society is fundamentally dependent upon the use of an automobile for school, work, or medical reasons.

I and my team have devoted innumerable amounts of time, energy, and effort to the representation of the client who has been arrested for a DUI or BUI. Our approach to this usually complex issue is to represent the client in an effective manner that challenges the legal appropriateness of the charges filed. Our goal is focused on the preservation of a client's personal and economic freedom, while maintaining their operating privileges. We achieve and maintain this desirable result by the constant and focused attention to the facts and circumstances surrounding the arrest and prosecution of the accused client.