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One of the most important and sometimes personally devastating situations that exist arises from the area of divorce and separation. Many clients invest their irreplaceable time, fortunes, and self into marital relationships. Many of these marriages come to an unhappy, unhealthy, and sometimes unfortunate end, resulting in prolonged, bitter, divisive, and economically destabilizing or utterly destructive court battles.

I and my team are dedicated to simplify and reduce these emotionally sensitive issues into a common sense, objective, and economically-feasible approach. It is my belief, in this area of the law, that less confrontation, stress, and complexity is more appropriate. By the time clients have contacted me, most have been exposed to situations ranging from outright physical and metal abuse, to all forms of dysfunctional treatment and lifestyles.

Our goal in this area is always to quickly and effectively restore order and stability in an unsteady, chaotic and personally negative situation. Our goal is two-fold: to focus on the best result for the client and their affected family members, and to provide this representation on an economically affordable basis.